Saturday, 5 December 2009

Reader's Choice: 'I'm Sorry' by 'aged' world leaders

This is a campaign by Greenpeace to 'commemorate' the Copenhagen 2009 world climate talks under way as we speak. The photos were sent in by 'a conscientious world citizen' as he/she wants to be called. Interesting, and food for thought.

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CraftyPip said...

How very true ...SORRY we will all have to be... these leaders are ELECTED BY US to act in the best interests of us all and we expect them to do just that. I have no more faith in the next leaders to do any better, when they are actually manipulated by those who have the most influence ( take that which ever way you please)...It´s the time old saying of "lies damn, lies and statistics" that will make it appear that something is being done, whilst we slide ever nearer to our own demise and the slow destruction of our planet as we know it.