Sunday, 20 December 2009


We received a new weather warning from Jimena's Protección Civil. YELLOW ALERT for wind tomorrow Monday, December 21, and an ORANGE ALERT  for rain tomorrow and Tuesday, December 22. The warning has gone out to the whole province, as you can see on the map. Included in the e-mail were a series of precautions to be taken just in case, translated below. Up to 80 ltrs/m2 is expected in some places.>

  • Close and secure doors, windows and sunshades.
  • Remove plant pots and any other object that could fall inhto the street and cause an accident.
  • It is best to keep away from cornices, walls or trees, which could come adrift; also, beware of building sites or those in a bad state.
  • Do not use ladders, scaffolding or similar without taking protective measures. Avoid them is possible.
  • If a sudden rainstorm catches you while driving, do not travel through flooded roads and certainly do not cross river beds at any time. The force of the water (often below the surface) could drag you and/or a vehicle downriveror into a ditch.
  • If you live in a low-lying area, identify the higher places in the area before hand, so you can reach them in case of flooding.
Protección Civil in Jimena advises calling 112 or 085 in case of emergency.

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