Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bah Humbug Corner - Your e-mails

By now you will have noticed the widget thingy on the sidebar. If you click on that image you will be taken to this item, where we will be updating your bah-humbuggedness. See below for regular updates...
B****y cold over here and now its raining ready to freeze tonight, the next person who says to me that they love the snow I shall not be responsible for my actions. She who must be obeyed went base over apex yesterday but all is ok, foggy now, waiting for the snow, how we love this English weather, NOT.
Roll on Boxing day, how commercial is Christmas? don't do cards, don't do presents, don't do Christmas. Baaah HUMBUG. DVD
Supposed to be flying to UK tomorrow. This morning the power steering blew up on the car. It's raining and I don't have a dryer. The presents I ordered haven't come yet. Bah effing HUMBLOODYBUG!!

SNOWING, TRAFFIC CHAOS, CHANNEL TUNNEL, TRYING TO GET TO SCOTLAND -  How I wish I was in Jimena, where it's only raining. Next year it's Xmas there! NOT HERE! Judy

So where are all the bah-humbugs? Too busy getting their heads up their a***s, probably. Get with it! Paul G.

The power went out and it poured with rain. ( the fields needed it ) . It poured with more rain and the lightning struck, the power went out and the phones went off.
The water came up and went over and some houses went under. There was mud everywhere and then the final bang and despite everything plugged through surge protectors the modem blew up on Christmas eve.
Happy New Year.
It is a long story on why it took so long to get a new modem....  Madam your equipment is old !!!!!    Yes but it still works. E.

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HL said...

Happy to finally arrive in Jimena for the Christmas break BUT what has happened to the Christmas street lights? Too much rain to ut them up?