Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Swine Flu vaccinations began yesterday

(Photo: EuropaSur) Vaccinations against Swine Flu began to be given yesterday throughout the country. The Ministry of Health has ordered 37 million doses of the vaccination, of which 10 will be used in this first round of preventative measures against the H1N1 virus. The first day went by without major incidents or long queues in all the autonomous communities. First to be vaccinated are the risk groups established by the ministry, which include health workers and 'critical personnel', such as firefighters, police, security forces, etc. A second round of vaccinations, to begin next week, will include pregnant women (after the first three months), the elderly, diabetics, the obese and those with chronic respiratory ailments. To find out if you belong to any group, or want to make an appointment, call>
Servicio de Salud Responde (902 505 060) or go to your health centre.
There has been a lot of scepticism regarding the efficacy of the vaccinations, and the Minister of Health, Trinidad Jiménez, has issued several 'calming' statements about it. The scepticism arises from the apparent worldwide apathy about H1N1, although health authorities everywhere are insistent on the need for vaccination against the pandemic expected this winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Andalucía has received 687.620 doses, enough to cover 42% of the population. Health centres throughout began giving the vaccination yesterday, a process that will continue as long as the medication is available.

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