Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Incredible but true: Córdoba pays tribute to Rafael Gómez

You may well ask who Rafael Gómez (left) is. He is the businessman behind Arenal 2000, now miraculously transformed into another company, Arenal 2000-and-something, while the previous one washes its hands of its debts, a developer who has left several thousand people throughout the country without homes they have paid for, holiday homes never completed and buildings left without lifts and facilities the owners have paid for (such as in Jimena). Nicknamed Sandokán, he is also seriously involved in the infamous Malaya case in Marbella and out of prison after paying a large bail. (See related items here and here) Yet the Mayor of Córdoba, Andrés Ocaña, has seen fit to pay tribute to him at a recent jewelry fair held there recently, ostensibly to thank him for his support of the industry for which Córdoba is famous. Incredible but true...

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