Monday, 16 November 2009

Arts, crafts, wonderful work over the weekend

We were unable to attend the crafts encounter and exhibition at the Reina Sofía Cultural Centre in Los Ángeles over the weekend, which we announced here. We missed a good selection of local arts & crafts but fortunately, our good friend Phil Heinzl, who showed his magnificent marquetry, was there with his camera. The slide show above gives us a good idea of the range of work on show, including the use of esparto grass to cover bottles and keep the contents cool, an ancient craft that was used for shoe soles in espadrilles, carpets, bags for horses, mules and donkeys. Perhaps this was the oldest craft on show but the world moves on and we are still in danger of losing so many: shoe making, hand carving of practical items such as bowls and spoons - still, this was one show we should have been at.

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