Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Satanic sect threatened victims with 'devil attacks'

(Agencies) The Guardia Civil arrested six people in Chiclana recently, accused of exploiting and enslaving their victims. With the money they allegedly took from their 'slaves' the accused bought luxury items, including vehicles that were then 'tricked' and sold as almost new. Hijo de Satán, as the group's leader was known to his 'followers', is identified as Carlos Javier R.L., 34, and his partner, María M.P., 24, plus four more people, operated out of a house in the Los Gallos urbanization in the Cádiz town, where they had several men and women doing unpaid maintenance and domestic work.>
Carlos Javier R.L. has previous convictions for fraud, related to an ostensibly legal business of vehicle import and export. His victims, several more of which are coming forward now, were captured via an advertisement that promised immediate solutions to problems of 'love and money'. Most of them were anguished by problems of this sort, and were forced to hand over sums that ranged from €2,500 to €7,500 or more, in many cases their entire savings and often through the sale of properties and other possessions. The sect accepted anything of value.

Once captured, Satán and his followers allegedly dominated them with threats and violence, exacerbated by 'blood rituals' involving the sacrifice of animals and administration of 'magic potions'. "If you don't do what I say, by the end of the year the devil will kill you first, and then your family," was one of many such threats, according to victims who have since denounced the perpetrators.

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