Tuesday, 13 October 2009

No comments in several days

Our monkey is worried. There have been no comments received on JimenaPulse for several days, when we usually get several a day. Our readership has gone down from an average of 450 to about 30 - not surprising, though, and a common problem when changing sites. If you're finding it difficult to adjust to our new look PLEASE LET US KNOW. Just click here to tell us what the problem is, or click on the word comments below this post. Also please see Simon's comment on how simple it is to send one in!


PROSPERO said...

(By e-mail) I see you ask about the fact there have been no comments on the new site.
I have just tried to post a reply on the rubbish, but was put off because firstly it asked me to sign up for a google account gmail.... don't want one.
Then ts asked for open id so I put my AOL screen name in and then it came back asking to verify and for my password. Something I don't do unless I know what I am signing into.
I did not want to leave an anonymous reply as I feel that carry's no weight. The old post of comments was so easy, it put your email address and name and you hit the enter button.

This might be putting people off as I hit the button for more information and then when I went back the post was gone ;o(.
I will sit and do it again, but will probably post it as anon.

Simon said...

I have changed my 'favourites' pointer to jimenapulse.blogspot.com

If others are still being taken to the wordpress page then they are being confronted with a slightly confusing picture. It was not obvious to me what I had to do to get here. Maybe if the wordpress front page ONLY contained a pointer to here and nothing else it would be a little more straightforward.

In answer to the previous comment, click on the button labelled NAME/URL and just type your name into the field. Simples! (when you know)

PROSPERO said...

(By e-mail) It's just taking us all a while (brain getting older every day) to get used to this - can I now get rid of the original site which I Bookmarked? We still hang on to your every word!!

Our answer:
Yes, you can get rid of the original bookmark.

What do you think of the new look? I'm sorry it's taking a bit of a learning curve, though navigation hasn't changed that much.

Thanks for your kind words!

PROSPERO said...

Thanks for your comment and suggestion, Simon. Will see how I can sort it.
I will readily admit the 'old' new site was a mistake.
By the way, I am looking at the possibility of creating a Forum on the new site - another of your good suggestions. This monkey is working on it.
Something else coming up: CampoPulse, which will cover the Campo de Gibraltar better and with a more appropriate name. Watch this space!

Prospero said...

This is Prospero testing from another computer. It seems easy enough: copy the word you see (this avoids machine generated spam) just go to Name/URL, put in your name and an URL (only if you have one and want to)and Bob is still your uncle! Or you can open a Google account, should you wish, or use an Open ID (not reccommernded to most). WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANONYMOUS COMMENTS, so don't use that option.

Simon said...


It is better if you put something appropriate in the first few words of the comment as these are displayed in the list of recent comments. Else you don't know what the comment is about until you get there.