Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Underground rubbish containers working at last - maybe

JIMENA A dozen places with 37 containers spread through the municipality, in Jimena village, Estación, San Pablo and Tesorillo, went into operation yesterday, according to an article in today's Europa Sur. But we went to see for ourselves at the main square and, while they may have been put into operation but you couldn't get to them because the old plastic containers were in front of them and they were inaccessible. In any case, it is our favourite municipal/private/Mancomunidad company, Arcgisa that will be collecting the rubbish that is supposedly going to be underground. Financed through several employment scheme monies, there are two such places in Jimena village, another two in Estación, three in San Pablo and five in Tesorillo. (We first came across these underground containers for Jimena in December 2010: Underground rubbish containers to be installed soon.)

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