Sunday, 22 April 2012

Reader's comment: My street is only one way now!

Vaca this morning,
with brand new sign
(Via e-mail) "After a couple of hours out of the village, I came home to find that, all of a sudden, Calle La Vaca has been made ONE WAY!  No-one bothered to tell us residents, it just happened.  To add to the joy, we cannot now enter the street via the entrance by the water office, but either have to turn off at Ruiz Galan and come up from the river, or tackle the horrendous corner just down from the Anon.  What the idiot planner was thinking of, I don't know, because most of the houses and cars are at the end of the street near the water office!! Brains of a pea springs to mind!" (Prosp comment: Can't see what's so horrendous about that corner...)

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