Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Making the cut in Jimena

JIMENA Many of our readers have asked us if they can get special keys cut in Jimena, instead of having to go either to Los Barrios or Pueblo Nuevo. Lately, our answer is YES! Cristóbal 'Tobi' Castilla, the builders merchant opposite the primary school has installed a fascinating machine that can do that. A large selection of keys are available, including certain security ones - as well, of course, as a whole host of tools and materials and plumbing and paints and ironmongery and ... you name it, you will find it there. And, best of all for many of our readers, is that Tobi's son, Manuel, speaks excellent English (though we advise you to be ready with a sample, brand or description in Spanish for what you want in any case - mind you, Manuel is something of a wizard at charades).

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