Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chico and Sam are back home, safe and sound if a little whacked

Unless you were on Val's phone and/or email list, chances are you wouldn't know that they got lost yesterday up in the pine forest at Las Asomadillas. From what we hear, the entire population of Andalucía was out looking for them (Andalusians are known for their exaggeration). Well, they were found this morning by a man from the Junta who went out on horseback.His name is Antonio and Val & Pat & Sam & Chico ARE VERY GRATEFUL. (We await Antonio's surname so he can be thanked publicly, properly.)

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scotty said...

Antonio was just fantastic - so kind and spent a lot of his time looking for my boys. Thank goodness he found them - I don't think I would have done - and they are now "sleeping it off"! Thanks also to everyone else who rallied round to help. One of the great benefits of village life - kind people.