Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's this all about, then?

JIMENA Who are they all, and what are they doing? You recognize a couple of these studiously studying students, don't you? No? Well, here are some of the things they are saying about Sambana Ceramics and Catherine's classes: "An absorbing and creative course that is inspiring us all." J.A. "Catherine, our teacher, has so much patience. She is systematically guiding us through the creative stages." M.W. "The pottery course has stirred up my imagination. I am now looking at the shapes, colours and textures of everyday objects around me with quite a different eye." S.S. "I have to stop myself from going to the pottery during the rest of the week." B.B. Maybe you'd like to join them? You can, but make it soon as Catherine only has two places left! Call her on 697 574 027, or e-mail her at

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