Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Electricity turned off at swimming pool, bar, football pitch and Instituto Al-Andalus

Instituto Al-Andalus (l.) with
football pitch in the distance
Generators hired for school and football
JIMENA On the 15th of the month, Endesa, the power company, cut the electricity to the area around the Al-Andalus vocational school, which also serves the municipal pool, the football pitch and the clubhouse and bar (sede). The reason? You guessed it: non-payment of bills. It turns out, say our sources, that while arrangements for payment had been agreed, the Council has been unable to meet them. This has been an ongoing problem: if you remember, the company turned off the power to the Town Hall on the day the new Jimena government took over. Pressure, pressure. However, generators have been hired for both the Al-Andalus school and the football pitch. The power cut happened just as the school kids were about to take their term exams. We have been unable to contact them or their teachers today to round off this item. The question arises as to whether there will be enough money for fuel to keep the generators running ... In the meantime, the people running the bar at the top of the hill complain that they have lost everything in their fridge and freezers so they might have to close but daren't because they are afraid of losing the concession, which is their only source of income.

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