Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Elections? What elections?

Plastered everywhere
ANDALUCÍA Yes, two autonomous regions, Asturias and Andalucía,  are holding elections on Sunday, March 25. to elect who will run the Junta de Andalucía. Favourite so far is the Partido Popular, by quite a margin. This is the seventh try for PP Secretary General for Andalucía, Javier Arenas, whose tenacity may be rewarded at last. The PSOE has governed Andalucía since the advent of post-Franco democracy and has always considered this region its bailiwick, but it is enmeshed in a series of corruption cases -especially those involving the ERE scandal of misuse of redundancy notice monies- as well as its lack of cohesion during the party's recent internal elections. But, you ask, are EuroExPats (there's a new noun being born!) allowed to vote, like in municipal or local elections? Short answer: No - which is why we haven't been covering the subject a lot (at all).

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