Saturday, 3 March 2012

"All advertising but no content!"

That is what we are expecting to hear from someone collaring us on the street. And we wouldn't be surprised and they would be right. Thing is, we've been werry busy this week one way or another. So we have to use the weekend to catch up with ourselves (ever tried that? Watch a puppy trying to catch its tail). The fact is that we have to earn money; we don't get much from the advertising but our commitment to Jimena leads us to allow certain things in terms of payment that don't really help when we have bills to pay. Still, we are grateful for whatever comes our way but can't help wishing it were more. As you know, we put up a little notice saying, "If you find this article interesting, useful or entertaining, please consider the work, effort and cost it takes to bring it to you. We would appreciate a donation to continue a free service." If that isn't begging, what is? (Go to the PayPal icon on the sidebar and follow instructions, it's easy!)>>>

Another thing we have noticed is a great lack of comments. Either you are too busy, Dear Reader, or you can't be bothered (if you can't be bothered, why do you think we should be?). It isn't difficult to comment directly, there are clear instructions on the sidebar. Some have chosen to comment via Facebook, but it takes us a great deal of time to comb through all that, and copy & paste, etc. - a lot more than it would take for you to click on 'comment' below any item. Others choose to use our e-mail address instead - and likewise about our time and effort. Don't get us wrong: we're grateful for them all but comments make this website more interesting, more dynamic. So we would appreciate more of those, too.

We know that most of our readers are well aware that we have to translate about 95% of the items that appear here, which doubles the time we have to spend bringing it all to you. That, on occasions, gets in the way of other things, like the UpComing Events Calendar that needs updating and we can't get to it. We are considering using someone to do that for us - are you interested? Do you have the time? Do you need the money (if so, fuhgedaboudit!, as Stephen Kings says)? Seriously, think about it as a way of making a contribution to what has become Jimena's English-speaking point of reference. Anything you write about would be welcome, too (though we reserve the right to edit it!). Another great donation.

JimenaPulse will 5 years old next week, and a steady increase in the number of readers is more than welcome. CampoPulse, on the other hand, has increased dramatically over the last year, for which we are also grateful. But we have bills to pay like everyone else.

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