Monday, 27 February 2012

One of very few green shoots in the crisis

JIMENA An article appeared this morning in Europa Sur, the Spanish 'newspaper of reference' in the Campo de Gibraltar with the title as above. It talked about how people are discovering that there is money to be had from things that until recently would have been thrown away. It talked about the enterprising people who have managed to finance a franchise, etc. etc. - what it didn't mention is that Jimena has its own non-franchise version. It is called La Tiendecita and was opened by two enterprising women of the village, Liz and Connie, just last month, just opposite Cuenca Restaurant. We are reliably informed that it is doing well, and we are pleased for them! (Incidentally, we can't keep up with the way things come in and go out of the shop - and we're preparing a website to at least try to update these things. So if you have something to sell, give them a call on 956 641 583, 636 738 931 or 605 212 599 - or pop by the store with it.)

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