Monday, 20 February 2012

Have you seen the services we offer on the sidebar?

If you scroll down from here (yes, dear, use the little arrow on the right to move up and down, or the little wheel on your mou ... that's it, good for you!) you will notice a section of the sidebar that looks like the picture that illustrates this article. Each of the pics are linked to whatever it is you might be interested in. From top to bottom: How to pronounce letters in Spanish; THE WeatherWidget; Useful stuff (like emergency numbers, etc.); School start/end and holiday dates; Our photo albums, all of them; Local holidays and fest days ... just thought you should know as rainy weather is ahead. Of course, if you do use any of the links you might like to consider a donation to JimenaPulse. It does take time and effort to offer you these things and finances are touch and go as we come up to our 5th anniversary.

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