Thursday, 12 January 2012

Welcome Christian William and Sophia Anabel

JIMENA (By e-mail) "Hi Prospero, finally, a photo for you of our new twins - Christian William Kapps and Sophia Anabel Kapps. They arrived on Friday the 30th December at 14.30, in the Costa del Sol Hospital, Marbella. Weight 2.7kg each and doing very well. We have been home for a week now and getting into the new routine with lack of sleep! Please feel free to make an announcement with the photo, on JimenaPulse. All the best, Roger, Julie, Christian and Sophia" Congratulations, all!, and as they say in Spain: ¡Salud para criarlos! (Health with which to raise them!).

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Congratulations! I have 6 y.o. twins and am looking for free homes for their old buggies (mountain and mcclaren). Let me know if you are interested. Mcclaren one great for leaving in the car for shopping trips. Mountain buggy brilliant for walks in the campo. Regs, Eliza