Tuesday, 24 January 2012

From IT to olive oil and a life of ‘luxuries’

'Lavender and Bits' Soap
That’s a simple title for a considerable change in the lives of Ann and Kenton Smith. They left the UK and the complex world of IT to come to a 22 acre olive farm in Southern Spain. They started in 2009 with an experiment in handmade soap – and now sell a large variety of products for the face, body and hair, for men and women, directly to their customers via the Lujos area representatives, who will also offer excellent value gift packs and sample packs. In the Campo de Gibraltar, this is Julie Allbon, whom you can contact on 617 904 671. She will be happy to tell you about the Lujos range, and will come to your home for a ‘luxurious’ party. Julie tells us that it takes only a week to get your choices to you. (And we can tell you that the prices are very reasonable, too)

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