Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Are the roads the cause of accidents in the rain?

(Photo: TJD/Fede)
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR Every year, the first Autumn rains are the reason behind a series of accidents on the A-405 (and just about any other road). This year is no exception. There were at least two yesterday, one of which had a 56 year old woman teken to hospital, fortunately not very seriously injured. Her car turned over and she was trapped, having to be cut out of it. But only an hour later, another car turned over a few kilometers along the same road. Since it began raining on Friday we have heard of at least three more accidents; there were probably several more. In the past we have said that the oil and grease accumulated in the pores of the road surface rise to the top, pushed up by water - and no doubt this is part of the reason. The other is speed. Changes in weather in this part of the world happen almost instantaneously but it appears drivers don't adapt fast enough. And then there are those who got their licence in the summer, buy a powerful car but have no experience - though we hear of one expat with plenty of it, but wrote off his car over the weekend...

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