Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jimena starts procedures for San Pablo segregation

JIMENA/San Pablo de Buceite (Press release) Jimena Council is about to begin the procedure to convert San Pablo into an Entidad Local Autónoma (ELA, Autonomous Local Entity), according to a recent announcement by Mayor Pascual Collado and the District President, Andrés Beffa, who met last week in Sevilla with the Junta's Director General for Local Administration, José María Reguera. The decision comes after careful study, analysing the pros and cons of the move for both parties. A new law passed by the Junta eases the requirements for segregation, which were considerably more restrictive when San Martín del Tesorillo began the same procedure. An ELA is the first stage of segregation, when a part of a municipality wants to separate from the original.

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