Friday, 18 March 2011

Environment Department asks palm tree owners to report possible red weevil infestation

JIMENA (Press release/Photo: illustration only) A campaign was launched earlier this week informing residents about the dangers of the red palm weevil (photo), which affects several species of palm tree and can devastate whole colonies of trees in a single season. Councillor Fernando Gómez is asking residents to help trace infected trees, especially those who have palms in their gardens or properties. A form is available on the Council website ( which needs to be filled in to report each case. Gómez points out that a Junta law passed last year places the responsibility of deaaling with the weevil on both public agencies as well as owners of private palm trees, these last being obliged to report symptoms of infection and>
allow access to the trees to people authorized to treat them. Town halls are obliged to deal with the correct pruning, cutting down and disposal of the trees.
Gómez adds that the Council will offer advice about treatment and offer the names of specialist companies. The more evident external symptoms of infection are when the leaves begin to yellow and droop. By the time the leaves have become brown and are almost, or are, falling off, treatment is probably too late. By that time, the weevil will have drilled holes in the centre of the tree more than a meter long.

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CraftyPip said...

It appears that the red palm beetle (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) is the scurge of many palms and will ultimately destroy the plant. As is already stated, by the time you notice that the palm is infected, it is probably too late to treat the plant.
Having asked advice from the experts at Colegio El Andaluz, in Jimena, it was pointed out that no species of palm is immune, but some are more likely to infection than others, namely the Canary Palm.
When the tree is small it is possible to hear the beetles and grubs actually munching away at the soft fleshy crown of the tree, but this is a little difficult if your tree is several meters tall.
The tree can be treated at a price and it isn´t a once and for all solution... this TERMINATOR of beetle flies away with a smile and a cry of "HASTA LA VISTA BABY...I´LL BE BACK"... and ususally with their friends for reinforcements.