Thursday, 21 October 2010

Reader's question: Will the power cuts in San Pablo affect Jimena?

(Via e-mail) "Just heard that some residents of San Pablo have been advised by notices that the electricity is going to be cut off there for (I think) 3 consecutive nights from 9pm until 5am starting tomorrow night.  Do you know anything about this?  If this is correct, will it affect Jimena? Would appreciate anything you can find out." Can anyone confirm this notice in San Pablo and the dates, please? So far, our answer: "If you had your lights or computer on last night, you have an answer. We had several, at least 4, short cuts over yesterday's 24 hours. So the answer is yes. Whether they continue today is a mystery. If the cuts in San Pablo have been advised by notices, but not Jimena, then the chances are that if we're affected we would know via similar notices."

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