Saturday, 23 October 2010

Many thanks to George Foster for a gift to Jimena

George Foster (r.) and Liz  are not visiting Jimena by chance. They are friends of Francis Cherry (to whom best wishes for a quick recovery from a triple by-pass!) and stayed until this morning at Briany's El Chirimoyo B&B. George brought with him a BBC documentary directed by his friend Mike Dibb, 'The Spirit of Lorca', part of which was filmed in Jimena in 1986 and made in collaboration with reknown hispanist Ian Gibson. However, in addition to the film itself, Dibb also shot extra material for a possible film on Flameco, Although it was never finished, the material features several people of Jimena singing at the old Peña Flamenca. George also gave this material to Ricardo 'TioJimeno' Gómez, who will be putting up the latter unedited pieces on his site, from which we will be stealing it. In the photo is Harriet Gilmour, who was instrumental in making all the connections. Many thanks, George, for the effort.

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