Friday, 17 September 2010

Oba's Quiz Night is back again

As we reported earlier in the week, things are settling down again just up Calle Sevilla. (From our Oba correspondent) Quiz night started well at Bar Oba! We had 5 teams (despite the rain) and everybody pretty much understood the quiz mistress' Glasgow accent....Newcomers 'Shorely Knots' came in a close last, with 'Simple Minds'  in 4th place, 2nd and 3rd tied by 'Gatos' and 'Irish Rovers', with the valient winners 'Travellers' returned'.  Good fun was had by all and many thanks to Jan Bradley (photo) who did a great job, living up to the high standards of her two predecessors. Hope to see you all there next week. Sorry the photos aren't great. Wendy. (Prospero comment: the photos are much better than ours! Thank you, Wendy! And, Jan: that's a much more sensible place to sit...)

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