Friday, 17 September 2010

General strike approaches

As we write, Spain's unions are holding meetings in various parts of the country, in villages, towns and cities, to foment backing for the General Strike they announced in June. Indeed, the loudspeakers were out this morning in Jimena, at a somewhat wet market. The strike is scheduled for September 29 and will affect the entire country, as might be expected. There is much support for it, according to the unions, and not much, according to just about anyone else. Whoever is right, it is certain to impact on  travel and transport, for instance, and a lot more. The reason we mention these two in particular is because it might be worth reminding our readers to warn anyone they know who might have planned to come or go to the country. Naturally, many other things will probably be affected, such as shopping, or banking, or ... whatever. There is an old Spanish saying: El que avisa no es traidor (he who warns is no traitor - or, 'fore warned is fore armed'.

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