Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Former Marbella mayor not allowed to enter Gibraltar to visit girlfriend's parents

JIMENA/GIBRALTAR/MARBELLA (Photo: CampoPulse files) Julián Muñoz, the former Mayor of Marbella facing umpteen law suits about his time in that position, was told by one of the judges handling his many cases, that he is not allowed to go to Gibraltar to visit his Gibraltarian girlfriend's parents. Muñoz is an almost permanent resident at his girlfriend Karina Pau's  home in Jimena, where he can be seen at many local establishments; indeed, she used to run one of these in Estación de Jimena (a.k.a. Los Ángeles) with a former partner (photo). Although Muñoz has had his passport removed, one can enter Gibraltar legally on a Spanish ID card. (Prospero note: I ran into him at the petrol station washing his car the other day. And my best regards to Karina, whom I haven't seen for a long time.)

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