Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spanish workers in Gibraltar planning demonstration against 'congestion charge'

Salvador Molina, president of ASTECG, the organization that groups together Spanish workers in Gibraltar, has announced that his organization's intention of holding a demonstration to protest against La Línea's intended so-called congestion charge. He added that they were totally against the charge and that "there is concern among business people in Gibraltar." He said, too, that ASTECG will "accompany" a Gibraltarian demonstration on September 23 and is collecting protest signatures "in English and Spanish." Molina said that there as no firm date for his organization's demonstration but (Read the whole story on CampoPulse)

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CraftyPip said...

Mayor Sánchez of La Línea may well have a problem with the amount of traffic entering and leaving the town but, I believe , his idea of a congestion charge for those soley entering from Gibraltar will certainly not help the situation.
He might well liken his idea to the congestion charge set up in London, which has its likes and dislikes.
One point I feel that he has overlooked is the fact that he is dealing with two different nations and therefore is flying in the face of racism laws and discriminating against certain types of people entering Spain for no other reason than who they are.
The toll roads are constructed as alternative routes to alleviate the town congestion from traffic, but I understand that there must be alternative routes for the free passage of traffic, a consideration which appears not to have been addressed.