Monday, 23 August 2010

Oh, yeah? Watch out for e-mails like this one!

Typical example of fraudulent e-mail. Check grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. And if it sounds too good to be true, it is!
Good day, First, let me introduce myself once more, I am barrister Collin Shands . I am married and
a father of four children. I am a senior advocate here in Malaysia. My jurisdiction is Civil Law and Property Consultant. Though my proposition was rather self-explanatory but for purpose of clarity, let me use this medium to further brief you, particularly on the modus of actualizing this laudable project. My contacting you does not suggest that you are biologically related to the deceased,i will fix up your name as the next of kin as the lawyer to convince the Bank that a relationship exist between the two of you by extension of family lineage., the death certificate and other documents regarding this transaction will be sent to you in due time.and all i have been avoiding is all about scam in the internate. (There's more, lots more!)>
In accordance with the law of inheritance here, it is clearly stated that whereas the deceased died without living behind an offspring or the immediate biological family are no longer alive, such as in this situation, any of the deceased extended relative stands to inherit whatever property or money left by the deceased. It is on the basis of this section of the law, that I want to present you to the bank and in order to legitimize it, I will then swear an Affidavit before the High Court attesting to your relationship with the deceased and any Affidavit deposed before a law court of competent jurisdiction is admissible by law as a statement of fact and cannot be disputed.
Since the death of my client, all the efforts of the bank to locate a beneficiary failed, this is the reason they contacted me to trace his relatives. This is a clean deal. There is no risk to this transaction, as we will process all the required documents by Law for a beneficiary claim. There is no other living relative, Actually, my client was born by two migrant workers that came to Australia in the 50`s. In this transaction, we will go step by step, first with the legal documents to back up the claim and secondly, the monetary documents for the transfer. I am therefore counting on your co-operation to make this work out. I am very optimistic we can pull this through with your support.
For the legal ramifications, be rest assured that, this is my professional field for I do know what the entire loopholes involve and will handle them with great professionalism. Moreover, you and I will share the proceeds of this transaction in a Sixty to Forty percentage ratio (60% - 40%). I do not think this claim will exceed Ten (10) working days if we work in harmony.
If this is Okay by you, I will send you a beneficiary Affidavit Form from the High Court which you will fill and resend to me for me to swear affidavit in the High Court London that you are truly the pre beneficiary of my Late Client and from here we will commence. Please feel free to contact.
Yours Sincerely
Collin Shands Esq,
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