Monday, 31 May 2010

What's wrong with this slide show?

This is a competition for our readers. The prize is a healthy living environment. That's what we all get if you win. To find out more about a disaster ready to happen, CLICK HERE.

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CraftyPip said...

The present location is understood to be illegal as it has effectively changed the use of agricultural land.
Virtually all trucks, including ALL those belonging to BAÑON, using the works, violate the Road Traffic Laws by either turning off of or onto the A405 and having to cross the SOLID WHITE LINE in the center of the road.
Although many complaints have been raised , the only response we get from all departments is "It is not our responsibility" or " It´s political"...these feeble excuses we are expected to accept because we cannot do anything about it.
As to the business generating employment....well generally speaking only one person is ever working on the site. With the construction business on the decline at present, it is difficult to believe the integrity of the Authority´s source of information.
One good thing to emerge from the situation is that at least sometimes the Guardia do take the violation of the traffic laws seriously and have handed out a fine to one of BAÑON´s drivers....and I have been informed that it amounts to some €350+ and 4 points off the driving licence....there is a God out there!