Thursday, 6 May 2010

La Tasca reopens

La Tasca is open again after being closed for a couple of weeks due to force majeur. We are very glad to see Pepe and Victora back. They have asked us to say how grateful they are to their customers and friends for their many enquiries about Pepe's health, which is well on the way to recovery. Welcome back! (Prospero note: Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my favourite coffeeing hole, and that Pepe and Victoria are very good friends. Personally, I shall not be seen looking like a lost dog any longer - nor will other regulars. See you there!)


Sue said...

....because I´ve been hibernating,I did´nt have any idea of Pepe being ill......I´m sorry!Anyway,glad to hear he´s on the mend.Hugs for both Vickie and Pepe when you see them,Prospero!

Simon said...

That is good news indeed!