Thursday, 4 March 2010

A load of bull

Alexander Bewick is back again - again. This time he writes about bullfighting. Apparently Catalonia is debating banning the corrida from the region, while Madrid is declaring it a Bien de Interés Cultural. In Andalucía, the PP is proposing a law to 'defend our traditions, our culture and our fiesta nacional (another name for the bullfight)'. Bewick also confesses to having 'followed the bulls' in a youthful fantasy regarding Ernest Hemingway. See for yourself.

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CraftyPip said...

Short and sweet (or not so sweet for some)... We have the right to shoot any animal harassing or annoying live stock, and I believe that this law also applies in Spain.
So why can´t we shoot those animals that tease and taunt bulls and eventually cause their death through such activities?