Sunday, 28 February 2010

Thank you, Andalucía, for being as you are

Originally published on YouTube on February 27, 2009, this 'small piece of gratitude' was edited by JimenaPulse on the occasion of that year's Día de Andalucía. It's description: A tribute to Andalucía, the place and its people, from a grateful foreign immigrant. Set to a classic piece of flamenco guitar music by Paco de Lucía: 'Entre Dos Aguas', it contains photographs of a little mountain village in the Ronda mountains: Jimena de la Frontera. We're still grateful. (As we are to any phtographers we may well have stolen from...)

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sue said...

this is still one of my favourite slideshows and music you´ve ever put up!I always pass this on to people when they ask me..."whats it like,where you live?"its perfect!Thanks again!x