Thursday, 4 February 2010

Public works, investment and expenses get €1million boost from State

(Press release) Jimena (official coat of arms, left) is planning the expenditure of €1,116,749 that we will be receiving from the Fondo Estatal de Inversión Local (FEIL, State Fund for Local Investment) for 2010. The amount is equal to €108,11 per each of the 10.330 registered residents of the municipality, as established by FEIL. A total of 25 projects are in the planning processas required. These include 12 for public works and investment (€893.399) and 13 for expenses in a variety of subjects (€223.350). Among the former are included such items as use of renewable energies through the installment or replacement of street lighting with solar energy-powered lighting, underground rubbish containers in highly visible places, a pathway at the northern entrance to the village, construction of leisure facilities on Paseo Cristina, installation of wi-fi service in public squares, among others. Planning for expenses includes>a wide variety of items classified as social and educational. These, among others, will cover such things as improvements to schools and nurseries throught the municipality, as well as the creation of a fund to help families with children studying at the higher levels in places other than Jimena, rent for people in San Martín del Tesorillo who had to be evacuated from their homes, salaries for Home Help personnel, etc.

The monies, and works under the plan, are to be distributed approximately equally within the several population nucleii of the municipality, although some of the work will impact specific areas while others affect the municipality as a whole.

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