Thursday, 4 February 2010

Marketers get together to tender for stalls

(Press release) Los Ángeles municipal representative Juani Jiménez, Mayor Pascual Collado and Employment & Development Councillor Fernando Gómez (l. to r. in centre of photo) got together this morning with residents interested in having a stall at the newly renovated market in Estación (see JP item here). There are a total of 10 stalls and the Council is aiming at having a variety of items for sale, including fish, meat, fruit & veg, gifts, groceries, roast chicken and churros, among others. he meeting explained the conditions necessary, with rental prices established at €1200 per annum for the 5m2 stalls and €1300 for the 7m2 ones. Grants or subsidies are also available, for which the Council will offer advice.

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