Friday, 12 February 2010

Junta's Environment Councillor visits Jimena

(Press release) The Junta de Andalucía's Councillor for the Environment, Cinta Castillo, and Jimena's Mayor, Pascual Collado, held a meeting on Wednesday, together with the provincial sub-delegate for the environment and that for the Junta, Gema Araujo and Rafael España, respectively. On the agenda were a number of matters regarding the municipality's infrastructure and environmental management, including the supply of drinking water for Jimena from the Guadarranque reservoir, operations at the Mushroom Wholesale Market and exploitation of natural resources such as wild heather from Los Alcornocales Nature Park.>
Referring to the water supply from the Guadarranque, Collado was told that the matter was in hand with the Andalucía Water Agency, as well as the Junta's Councils for the Environment and Public Works.
Cinta Castillo pointed out the importance of municipalities such as Jimena in regard to sustainable development and the exploitation of natural resources as a way to develop a principally agricultural environment.
After the meeting in Jimena, all the participants took part in a working lunch with the mayors of Campo de Gibraltar municipalities connected to Los Alcornocales Nature Park that was hosted by the President of the Mancomunidad, Isabel Beneroso.

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