Saturday, 27 February 2010

Jimena Carnival got under way last night (weather permitted)

As we said repeatedly in another Carnival item below, just about everything that goes on is 'weather permitting', unless it takes place under the marquee, in which case an umbrella might be useful if cumbersome. Well, weather permitted last night. First on was Pepe Mena, as pregonero ('official announcer' or maybe even 'heralder'), who was followed by all the local groups (See photos on TioJimeno's Picasa Web Album). Judging by a lot of pale faces this morning, things went on until well into the early hours - supposing you consider 'early hours' as around 6 or 7am!). You can follow it all on TioJimeno, who was presumably up there all night, too. (Can anyone tell who the guy in the photo is? Some of us know him well...)

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