Friday, 26 February 2010

Jimena Carnival: full programme

Below you will find the full programme for Jimena's Carnival as garnered from a Town Hall press release. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the schedule (things usually start later than announced) and we certainly want none regarding the weather. Activities for children are marked in red. While we will try to bring you as much as possible about the proceedings throughout, our Chief Monkey, Prospero, is not up until dawn as he has a life that mainly happens during daylight. However, we highly recommend you check out our colleagues TioJimeno, who are notorious carnavaleros and will undoubtedly be reporting, filming, interviewing and photographing everything in sight. Indeed, they've been on and on about Carnaval for some time already.>
Friday, February 26

10pm - Pregón ('official' announcement) by Pepe Mena

When finished - Five local carnival groups (see explanation in previous post): "La defensora de la libertad"  (comparsa from Tesorillo), "Por la gloria de mi padre que este año nos salimos" (chirigota, Tesorillo), "Los inseparables" (Jimena), "Los que comen de la olla" (Jimena) y "A mis parados de 40 años" (Jimena). Weather permitting, this will go on well into dawn.

Saturday, February 27

11.30am - Carnival masks workshop (for children) at the Radelafra youth association headquarters on Plaza Olof Palme, just across from Town Hall.

4pm - Children's parade (weather permitting) through Jimena, starting at Llano de la Victoria, ending at marquee just behind primary school. Children's activities at marquee include face painting, games, songs and music. Competition for best costume, with prize. (Bring the kids dressed up!)

At night (time not specified but usually from about 11.30pm) - Carnival Costume Dance (for adults), with music by Velada Group. Best costume prizes sometime in the night.

Sunday, February 28

1pm - Performance by local carnival groups (weather permitting) and parade through streets to carnival marquee.

From 4pm - Further perfomances by local groups, plus performances by "Suicidio por desempleo" (chirigota, La Línea), "Volver a empezar" (comparsa by Tino Noval) and "El escuadrón de los jartibles" (chirigota by Sheriff).

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