Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Casa Felina campaigns for cat sterilization

Having seen the number of cats roaming the towns and villages of the area, the regional animal protection association, Casa Felina ('Feline Home') of Los Barrios, has started a campaign aimed at their sterilization. "While they are not sterilized, we find rampant pregnancies and the subsequent abandonment of litters. This causes a number of problems, including the often dramatic deaths of kittens and grown cats, as well as the impossibility of organizations such as ours being overwhelmed by owners being unable to deal with the litters," said a spokesperson, who also warned that cats, too must by law be registered and carry a microchip. (Note: If you know exactly where Casa Felina is, have an address or a website for them, please let us know.)

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Sue said...

I,for one,would love to know where this place is...having just rescued two tiny kittens and then had another one thrown over my patio wall........I cant afford the vets bills but will keep them and feed them and if they survive,all well and good but if I can get some help to have the two females done..even better!