Saturday, 2 January 2010

Gaucín expat girl launches her first single with grand success

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This is Ella Chi, 23, of Gaucín. Educated at Sotogrande International School, she has just released her first album Gobstopper, which is enjoying a lot of success on YouTube. Ella has appeared at Glastonbury and on the Johnny Ross Show and is preparing for greater things to come this year. Her influences, she says, are in the rhythms and counter-rhythms of the flamenco music she has listened to in Andalucía, which she left five years ago five years ago to embark on her singing career in the UK, where she and a cousin began writing the album with  a garden shed in Oxford. Her proud mother, Penny Hoggs, who still lives near Gaucín, says, “She is so talented and energetic, but above all determined.She’s gone from practising in recording studios in the village to performing in New York clubs where the likes of Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga have all starred. A lot of people are tipping her to become huge in 2010.” Chi’s album On the Radar is due out early next year. (Source:  The Olive Press) Ella Chi's official website.

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