Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Reservoir project: Is this the location?

View Larger MapThe announcement that a vast reservoir is proposed for the Jimena area, and many comments here and elsewhere, have all lacked a definitive location, a map of the possible site. If you read our items here and here you will see that we have mentioned this curious 'absence'. The original announcement said that it would be 'downriver' from Jimena, the Mayor said it was 'probably' at a spot where a previous such project had been voiced in the past. In fact, nobody knows. But in talking to various people with good knowledge of the local countryside, we -and they- think the Mayor might be right. And that's why we, and a helpful reader, found where it could possibly be, on GoogleMaps (right in the centre of the map above). Of course, we could be wrong. And the whole project might be what Agaden calls 'a weather balloon'.

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simon said...

Google street view is available here (as it is through Estacion de Jimena for those who haven't noticed). It gives you a good idea of where this is. Click on View Larger Map and then on the little yellow man in the top left corner and drag the yellow man to the road near the centre of the map. Have a look around.