Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Oil tanker runs aground in La Línea

(Agencies/Photo by EuropaSur)The oil tanker Vermaoil XXI ran aground just after 8 this morning, having been blown onto the Poniente beach in La Línea. All emergency procedures were put into place rapidly, though no fuel leakage has been detected as yet. A sister tanker, the Vermaoil IX is being assisted at sea by tugs based at the port in Algeciras.The same storm also blew a sailing boat onto the western  (poniente) beach. According to a communiqué by the Algeciras Port Authority, both tankers had been anchored in waters close to Gibraltar, their usual anchorage. Each ship has been slapped with a €200,000 surety against possible damage and will have to remain at Algeciras until these are paid. Capitanía Marítima has filed against them for non-compliance with several regulations, including alleged neglect on anchorage.

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